Live Driver Technology

Enjoy Automatic Tracking

Experience and expertise delivers

Live Driver has it its roots developed over 10 years in professional animation. This development allowed the algorithms behind Live Driver technology to be optimized with over ten thousand minutes of facial performance data.

With hundreds of unique facial compositions, devices, and lighting conditions, the team at Image Metrics has utilized the years of expertise to develop Live Driver, a completely automated markerless tracking process.

We See Eye to Eye

Eyes are the essence of performance.

The New York Times hails our technology as “technology that captures the soul”.  The facial texture and pixel tracking technology within Live Driver allows key features of the face to be captured.

The natural contrast difference between the white of an eye and the iris of an eye allows for extremely accurate eye and gaze tracking, giving essential life to users of our technology.

Live Driver Eyes

How can you track everything?

Every human face is similar.

Between our team of computer vision PhD’s, there are over two decades of experience in the study of human faces. Our experience has taught us a smart approach to facial motion capture. Every human face has a similar appearance, so Live Driver can easily identify key features of the face.

This includes hard to capture areas such as the upper cheeks, lower eyelids, and jaw position.